I Dig Denim – Cool Jeans

And yes I do! Who hasn’t got a relationship to denim? But I Dig Denim is not only my statement it’s also a brand new designer name for children’s wear from Scandinavia. Swedish based I Dig Denim have received a warm welcome so far. Milla Milano stated: ”The coolest jeans were some I bought from a new Swedish brand, it’s going to be a success.”
The founder and head of design Hanna Clavegaard noticed that the market lacked a unique, exciting jeans brand for the little ones:

”I have always loved jeans, from the character of the fabric to how it can be shaped and adapted according to style and taste. Denim is timeless, easy to wear and practical. With my brand I want to give all children what I love. It’s simple: I dig denim.”

I Dig Denim produces their collection, available for babies, boys and girls up to 10 years, according to the Fairtrade principles. With the first collection only consisting of a few items it’s a humble start, but there is more to come. All in denim, of course.

I Dig Denim is jeans with attitude, for small people with big personalities.

Photos: I Dig Denim

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