SIA makes it easy loving their bedroom.

Scandinavian furniture doesn’t have to be IKEA or expensive contemporary stuff (even if it’s a lot of that too). SIA Home Fashion are one of the exceptions, that with it’s successful story is worth mentioning. SIA was founded by Sonja Ingegard Andersson in Sweden in 1963. SIA reflects her passion for decoration, her love for nature and her desire to share the pleasure of feeling good at home. She started by making paper flowers and designing printed fabrics that she displayed in her garden for her friends. Since then SIA’s products are sold in more than 45 countries around the world and the collections are very much influenced by European fashion. Though still with a pure and simple Nordic touch.
SIA presents two seasonal collections a year, that are divided into various themes with different styles from classical to modern. The themes are the strength and the originality of SIA and are making SIA very versatile for all types of homes. Beautiful furniture pieces, mirrors and tableware are complimented by quartz glassware, silk flowers and serviettes. And their Kids collection is fantastic. It’s so complex, offering everything from children’s cutlery sets to nursery furniture and accessories. Many pieces making the ideal gift for babies and children.
And even if the Kids collection consist of beautiful painted wooden furniture and high quality toys the prices are still kept at a pleasing level, making SIA affordable compared to many other brands.

All parents (and kind relatives and family friends) will have a lot to choose from when having a little princess or a pirate at home! Have a look at SIA Home Fashion to find a shop near you.

Photo: SIA Home Fashion

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  1. Hello. Iam interested in some products for kids bedroom. Please advise me if I can find them in Greece or you can send them to me.

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