Noa Noa Spring 2010, but quickly before it’s all gone!

The Spring 2010 collection is arriving in the shops these days. Rush to your nearest Noa Noa shop to get inspiration for your spring wardrobe and get hold of your favorite pieces before it is too late.
I’m sure NOA NOA Reigate is very busy this very moment taking pictures and publishing all new items from the Noa Noa Miniature Spring collection on their site. And as I’ve mentioned before they are more than happy to receive orders by phone or e-mail.
Meanwhile let me present a few of my favourites of the Noa Noa Miniature Spring 2010 collection.

Photo: NoaNoa Miniature

One thought on “Noa Noa Spring 2010, but quickly before it’s all gone!

  1. Hi there! Love your blog and I agree, the Spring 2010 collection is absolutely gorgeous!! We are as always busy with our new Spring 2010 collection both the Ladies and the girlswear and constantly sending out these beautiful clothes worldwide! It is a a shame that so few people stock the Noa Noa Miniature but we are always happy to take mail orders and if you have something specific that we do not have in stock, we are always happy to try and order from Denmark for you! Please check our website as we post images of all deliveries which we receive fortnightly, we stock Miniature items from age 3 years to 12 years! Enjoy xx

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