Mamizeit January 2010

Inspired by the freezing winter we’ve experienced recently I’ve chosen to write about how to dress your little one when it’s cold outside.

It’s freezing cold all over Europe, and with Winter Sale on it’s possible to do some great bargains. If you do need to renew some of your child’s winter wardrobe there is a few things to have in mind:

It must be fit for purpose.

It must be durable and easy to care for.

It must be a pleasure to wear, comfortable and attractive.

Snow is like a magnet to kids. As soon as they see it’s snowing they’ll be ready running out only wearing their superhero pyjama or a ballerina outfit! That’s when we need to know how to dress our little ones in order to keep them warm and dry whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

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Mamizeit is a web magazine with focus on international moms living in Switzerland for any length of time and with children of all ages. I have my own column in this magazine, about children’s fashion.

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