bObles Award winning children’s furniture and toys

Bobles elephantlimebObles was founded by the two sisters Louise and Bolette Blaedal in Denmark. They emphasise on children’s motor abilities, high quality of the products and that colours and shapes appeals to children’s fantasy and creativity.
bObles designs and manufactures lovely, colorful, useful romping animals in soft and still stable foam plastic. The Tumbling animals are tested especially for children and is free of any toxin or phthalates.
Children can play, sit, surf, roll, swing, lie on it and much more, as there are endless possibilities to create an own world and playground with the bObles animals. And they look great too, as a decorative item for the nursery.
The soft animals are available in several color combinations and have simple geometrical shapes that give a feeling of a specific animal such as an elephant, a fish, a pig or a giraffe.
Picture to the left shows Elna, the Elephant. Elna is lovely, soft, fun, colorful animal furniture but also usable for rolling, jumping, riding, balancing and stacking!
Elna, the Elephant available at Lula Sapphire £80.

Photos: bObles

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