Happy New Year!

photo(14)Picture to the left shows my family holiday home in Norway. It was taken yesterday afternoon, in not less than -28 degrees.
Wanted to share it with you, as this would be the place we would have celebrated New Years Eve if were in Norway.
New Year’s Eve in Norway is a big celebration. Many city people will travel to their holiday homes, often located in the mountains, so Oslo and other cities can be a bit more quiet than usually. The celebration starts in the evening with a dinner party, where roasted turkey is on the menu. Hotels and restaurant are also hosting New Years Eve parties. The most popular places in many of Norway’s ski resorts are fully booked for New Years Eve within the early autumn.
Norway is famous for the fireworks display, that starts promptly at 12, with a countdown. The toasting of the New Year starts the moment the clock turns 12 and wishing the family, friends and neighbors a happy new year (and that’s when the mobile network usually collapses). The variety of fireworks is mind boggling, the sky is lit up with a thousand colors.

Dear Reader.
Wishing you a happy and healthy 2010!
Lots of love the Scandinavian Mum


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