Growing up with Tripp Trapp

amelie tripp trappWhen I grew up I had my own Tripp Trapp. In fact almost everybody I knew had one. The Scandinavian Dad too. And since the Tripp Trapp is of such good quality his red Tripp Trapp is still standing by the kitchen table at his parents house. Only now it’s adjusted to fit the girls, whenever we are visiting.
Beatrice got her first Tripp Trapp as a gift when she was born. Then with Amélie came our second Tripp Trapp. Both girls use their Tripp Trapp’s every day, eating breakfast, doing their homework or having a family meal with us. If we have a young visitor it takes us just a few minutes to adjust the chair to our guest height.
And for those stubborn two and three year old that doesn’t want to sit in any baby chair any longer, can simply be shown that this is not only a baby chair, but can easily be adjusted in to a proper grown up chair as well. And that’s the end of that discussion.

Picture above shows Amélie sitting comfortably and very proud in her Tripp Trapp (accessorized with a stripy Tripp Trapp cushion) for the very first time, in 2005.

The Tripp Trapp children’s chair by Stokke, designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972, provides the correct ergonomic support for the children whilst seated, and enables them to sit at the family table in a perfect height. It still receives various of awards for being ergonomically correct. It also has a true Scandinavian contemporary feel to it, and you would simply not without knowing have ever thought that this chair is is soon to be 40 years old.

Tripp Trapp, contemprary chair for your little one

The award winning children’s chair Tripp Trapp from Stokke, is available in a wide range of colours and optional accessories. The Tripp Trapp chair does not have it’s own tray, as Stokke acknowledges how important it is for children to be a part of the family, that the children learn and develop from observing and interacting with their parents and surroundings. Sharing, bonding and developing communication skills that helps them to interact not only in childhood, but also in later life. Interacting with your child creates a sense of belonging and security, as well as a foundation for their happiness, communication and development.
For the modern family, spending time together during the normal working day is often difficult, and one of the few opportunities that we have to do so is at the family meal.
Research tells us that the family dinner table is an ideal place for language development and social skills to evolve (Tarkan 2005).

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Stokke Table Top shown in pictures above. Most other trays are mounted directly onto the highchair, the unique Stokke Table Top is not. This innovative new design attaches firmly onto the family dinner table so that your child can sit, enjoy and connect with you and the rest of the family. Stokke Table Top is not only convenient when it comes to eating, it can also be used whilst playing, learning and sharing at the family table.
Jamie Oliver opened Jamie´s Italian just before summer 2008, and the Tripp Trapp highchair is part of the eating experience. Alex Livesey, Stokke UK Country Manager, is of course very happy with this extra touch of fame for the already famous highchair. In a recent article in he is quoted saying that he is “delighted that Jamie recognises that Stokke family values are in line with what it is that he is trying to promote. Our ‘Life Around the Table’ theme is perfect for a family restaurant such as this.”

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