Moccis for you and your child

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The Moccis moccasin created by London-based Swedish designer, Anna Wetterlin, is made of natural ecotex certified materials. The finishing touches are made by hand. The leather sole is durable and flexible, allowing the foot to move freely and muscles to develop. The skid proof sole ensures no slipping or sliding. The sewed in double elastic at the ankle prevents the moccasin from falling off. The moccasins is machine washable in 40 degrees and should be hang dried.
Beatrice and Amélie both had moccasins when we used to live in Norway. They were great, especially during the stage where they learn to crawl and walk, since they grip to the floor, keep small feet warm and don’t fall off. Your baby or toddler would love their comfy Moccis. Choose from a variety of colours and prints, price from £18 and in all sizes from baby to adult.
Not sure if I’m going to order a pair for myself though.

photo: Moccis

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