Romantic and Nostalgic with Rose Lille

I recently stumbled across this gorgeous brand, danish clothing designer Rose Lille (Little Rose). They have a very romantic and nostalgic AW09 collection for both girls and boys age 0 – 6 years. (And a few gorgeous items for mums as well!) Rose Lille started up in 2007. Their concept is simple, they only sell online and only from their web shop. The good thing is that they deliver all over Europe. This is a great chance to retrieve some true unique items. Visit Rose Lille for more inspiration and gorgeous classic pieces.

photo: Rose Lille ApS
Make sure to check out boys accessories! I remember I used to have suspenders as a little girl, back in the 80’s. And I absolutely loved them. Both sixpence hat and suspenders is up for consideration for my Little A, after visiting Rose Lille. I just have to check with my little fashionista.

3 thoughts on “Romantic and Nostalgic with Rose Lille

  1. No I didn’t buy anything and regret it, luckily I am flying back for x-mas on 16th so have a chance to re-visit some of my favourite stores.

    My girls are soon to be 5 and 5 months. They are both on the petite size so I am enjoying clothes in 62cm and 104cm so got too much choice.

    Thanks for your compliments and how great with a scandinavian blog.

    Ha en fin jul og snakkes

  2. Hei! 🙂
    Thank you for suggestion MIO my MIO. I had a brief look at their AW09 collection now, and I agree. Lots of beautiful stuff! Did you buy anything? How old are your girls?
    My oldest is just growing out of size 10 years. Shame most brands just goes up to 10 years.
    I had a look at your site. Lots of nice cards, and I really loved some of the Christmas cards.
    All the best og snakkes snart

  3. I am a fellow Scandinavian (Norwegian) living in Scotland and like you love the scandinavian clothes for comfort and design. Even more so I am a bit obsessed with childrens clothes – having two girls makes it easy for that to happen. I was recently in Stavanger where I came accross this brand which I see you have not covered and it was absolutely stunning.


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