Scandinavian Designer brands in KidsCloset!

Surfing around I discovered They sell samples, last years collection and top quality second hand clothing. Browsing their simple but informative site showed that they stock a lot of Scandinavian Designer Clothing like Fransa Kids, Mini A Ture, Me Too, MP, Claire Kids and more.

This is how they present themselves

Kids Closet is currently made up of 85% brand new accompanied by 15% gently worn, of which these are individually hand-picked to the highest quality, free from any flaws, rips, stains, or excessive wear, we have a fine reputation and intend too keep it that way. The Kids Closet policy is simple, treat your customers exactly how you would wish to be treated, fairly and squarely, all goods for sale are offered at 50% or below of the recommended retail price as you will have no doubt seen. The website has a good turnover and is therefore updated regularly. Kids Closet has a 100% positive customer feedback at present and intends to keep it that way!

The stock is of course very limited, and changes all the time. This is just a few examples from what is currently available

Fransa Kids, new boys green cotton jersey top 6 years; £5.99 (Retail price £13)

Claire cotton knitted blue scarf with embroidery and beading 2-6yrs (good match with Claire hat also available) new; £3.99 (retail price £17)

Fransa Kids, new girls pink cotton jersey top 2 years; £8.99 (retail price £22)

MP Pink cotton knitted gloves, available in size 4 (6-10yrs) and size 6 (11-14yrs) new £3.99 (retail price £17)

Free postage for all UK orders over £10 makes it very tempting to try ordering from them. I would especially recommend all MP products. Their socks and tights are known for the absolute highest quality and great comfort, for a reasonable price.

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