Dundelina, a functional, timeless and sophisticated fairy tale

dundelina, a norwegian brand, is a unique clothing concept that combines design and literature, allowing children to explore their imagination beyond the ordinary fairy tale stories.
By taking contemporary literature as a starting point, dundelina gives children new elements that encourage creative play and nourish their imaginary. Every year, dundelina invites a Norwegian author to write a special story for us. This book becomes the soul of the collections, from which all the graphic elements and fabric characters are developed.
A series of hand-quilted figures that represent the characters from the book are available with every collection. In selected styles the embroidered patterns correspond to particular scenes from the book. In this way, the clothes can become the scenario where kids can re-create their own particular stories.

dundelina design approach is simple and minimalist. It is meant to be functional, timeless and sophisticated, but over all, it has to be amusing. They use unpretentious materials in natural fibres and pure colours, so that they keep their unique graphical style and concept that stands out. For the moment, dundelina collections are only available for girls between 3 and 10 years, but soon boys will also be able to enjoy a line of their own.

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