The Scandinavian Dad!

It’s about time for me to introduce for you my husband, the Scandinavian Dad.
Like myself he is also Norwegian, born and bred just outside Oslo. We met at the age of 12, and it was love at first sight. Since then we have married and been fortunate enough to have had two adorable girls. We have also moved from Scandinavia, first to Edinburgh and then to London.
Having spent 2 1/2 years in the UK so far we have already learned that there are a lot of differences between Scandinavia and UK. Not only the clothing. The Scandinavian men are also quite different. You would maybe have an impression of the typical Scandinavian man as a tall and strong viking. But the truth is that the Scandinavian men have developed a lot since the glory days of the vikings.
Recently a British study found out that the Scandinavian men make the best husbands, as they’ll help with the housework.
And I must agree. My Scandinavian man, the Scandinavian Dad is no exception. He look after our children, he cleans our home and he loves cooking. He actually recently asked me if he could have his own Friday post on this blog, sharing his best recipes with you. First I thought that food and clothing in the same blog would make absolutely no sense. But as he is a really good cook, maybe I should!?
So from now on I hope the Scandinavian Dad will present a recipe of a tasty dish every week. So have your notebook and pen ready on Friday!

Scandinavian dad with his two girls, Beatrice and Amélie. On our National Day.
Scandinavian dad with Beatrice and Amélie, on our National Day.

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