Advent Calendar 18 December 2011

Circa – the Circular Calendar Are you always being asked when can I go swimming again? When is Tuesday? Am I going to school today? Do you struggle to explain the concept of “next week” or “the day after tomorrow”? The award-winning Circa is an innovative new calendar designed to solve this by helping children visualise the cycles of the calendar with its unique rotating and stackable design.
Circa splits the year into days of the week, days of the month, months of the year, and the seasons. Children can play with each disc on its own, learning as they go and fit the discs together as their time awareness grows. They can turn the wheels and move the markers to see how time passes. Reusable stickers helps your child to remember and look forward to exciting days!

Circa – the Circular Calendar, retail price £39.99 features:
– separate day, month and date discs
– rotating seasons disc depending on which hemisphere you are in or to just learn the seasons!
– movable markers to highlight a day, month or date
– removable and reusable vinyl activity stickers to emphasise an important event
– colour coded days of the week to separate between weekend and week days
– colour coded months of the year to correspond with the number of days in each month
– week day nursery rhymes
– months of the year nursery rhyme
– Suitable for children aged 3+

Winner of the Top Drawer Best New Children’s Product, highly commended at the Rainbow Awards and in the Talking Tots’ Toys that Help Communication award category and one of the Top 25 Gifts at the Ideal Home Show in London. This is your chance to win Circa – the Circular Calendar!
Enter the giveaway by commenting below, and we would love to know your personal experiences with young children’s conception of time. Bonus point for liking today’s Advent Calendar picture on Facebook. A will be announced tomorrow -Best of luck!

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  1. This is so much fun! It would be perfect for my little girl’s bedroom. Then she can learn how weeks and months work 🙂

  2. my 3 year old is just learning about time & days but still very confused. i told him xmas was after halloween & he got up on 1st nov & asked me if it was xmas today :O) thiswould help me to explain so much better 🙂

  3. What a brilliant idea. My 4 year old’s concept of time is circular anyway – as is his father’s for that matter!

  4. This looks like such a great concept! For my 2 year old everything in the past is yesterday, for my 4 year old he’s just starting sort things out… It’s still not so clear! I think he finally got the seasons in order!!!

  5. We have a big 24 hour digital clock in the kitchen. It is really difficult trying to explain why this tells the time the same as the 12 hour clock with hands . . . we’ve failed miserably!

  6. What a fab idea never seen anything like it! my kids found the telling the time pretty hard and I don’t think they have any idea of dates this would be really useful for them 🙂

  7. My son, only 2 has no concept of time but we try to establish a regular routine so he associates various acts as linked (eg teeth cleaning followed by bed!)

  8. That’s a great idea. My older two boys (age 4 and 5) are starting to learn about time and so constantly ask me what the hands on the clock mean. Though my 4 year old still has no real concept – for the past two weeks he has been getting up and asking every day “Is it Christmas today?” 🙂

  9. This would be an excellent way for my little boy to learn, he has no concept of time and this would be a really useful tool

  10. I have memories of struggling to understand how to tell the time when I was little. This looks like a great way of introducing the whole concept. My 2 year old is a bit young to understand anything more than “soon” at the moment!

  11. This is such a great idea! I am surprised I haven’t seen you before. My son would absolutely love it, he loves numbers and has great visual memory, though the concept of time is still difficult for him as he has autism and is a few years behind his peers.

  12. For now baby A understands different activities, such as “Let’s go to kindergarden” and “It’s time for food”. So even if he doesn’t have any concept of time yet, he sure understand the term “It’s time for….”.

  13. Anything which gives children an idea of time is good but this looks really fun, ideal for my grandsons
    I use ‘get-ups’ or ‘going to bed times’ to try to give concept of days,
    the day can be divided up into meals, activities ………………

    an hour is getting better to understand, 5 minutes …………………. all can be explined by timers / stop watches …………

  14. My little one is a bit too small to understand time, but this is a great way for her to learn when she’s bigger.

  15. My daughter who is 3.5 years old makes us laugh with her perception of time! If it’s happened at anytime in the past then it was ‘yesterday’ and if it’s going to happen sometime in the future then it’s ‘tomorrow’. She’s now asking where she’ll be going after 2 or more bedtimes. The other morning she came into our bedroom at 7am and I was awoken to her asking “Is it tomorrow today?” Bless her! 😉

  16. This would be great for Ollie as always asking if it is a school day or if he is going swimming (or is it Christmas yet?!) . Just starting to learn about different days and concept of time in general 🙂

  17. Maia is 2 and 1/2 and concept of time is just…ehm… a concept… but she liskes saying “tomorrow”

  18. I would love this for my niece, so she can understand time better than I did as a child. I was in town with my Mum as a young teenager and she said for me to meet her back at the public toilets in one hour. Two hours later she found me asking someone on the street where the shop ‘Urinal’ was!

  19. How cool! Estrid doesn’t have any concept of time just yet…she feels as though she has all the time in the world and I want her to feel like that for as long as she possibly can. Time to eat, sleep, play and have cuddles with Mummy and Daddy!

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