Advent Calendar 7 December 2011

Copenhagen-based inventor, cartoon animator and LEGO design creative Zdenko Santini stood out at school for wearing a cycle helmet he had customised himself. After fellow pupils kept asking him to customise their helmets, Zdenko realised that children were much more willing to defy peer pressure and wear a cycle helmet if they liked the way it looked. Crazy Stuff children’s 3D moulded animal-shaped helmet is available in 10 designs, with matching accessories.
Zdenko’s dream of inventing something fun and cool stuff for children that helps keep them safe has come to life.

The helmets are fully tested and certified in Germany to meet British and European safety standard BS EN 1078:1997 and can be used for cycling, scooters, skateboarding and inline skating. They are size-adjustable by a dial and can be worn by children aged 3 to 8 years old, with 3 designs in pre-teen to adult sizes in the pipeline. To view the full range, go to

UK stockists include: Paul Smith, Scandinavian Minimall, Kidsen, Moleta Munro, Couverture, Olive Loves Alfie, Look Mum No Hands, MashNGravy, Sienna Loves Kai and Bird Kids.
For press and trade enquiries, contact Cherry Pick for Kids,
Julia Koorn, tel: +44 (0)7849 852 851

The 7th of December had lots of entrants, from all over the world! Thank you for participating and a for making the Little Scandinavian Advent Calendar 2011 so much fun!
The winner of 7th of December and one cool Crazy Stuff Helmet, Kirsty Baird -Congratulations!
Please email us your post address and the prize will be on it’s way to you.

8th of December will be opened today at 10am. Enter until midnight. The winner will be announced the next day at 9am.
See the full Terms & Conditions for this promotion.


  1. These are great, much better than the average helmet. My favourite is the tiger, as i think my daughter would like that one best 😀

  2. Showed it to little Emi (who loves cycling when the weather permits) and she said ‘yes please’ pointing at the tiger one. 🙂

  3. Oh my! so many choices… I think me son would love the eagle and my daughter the cat! If I win one, I’m going to have to buy the another to avoid a jealousy fit!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  4. Wow! I love them all. If I had to pick one over the rest, it would the bull with a ring through his nose.

  5. Do they do them in grown up??! I love love love these – it’d have to be the bunny for us, difficult decision swayed by colour favouritism (gutted I’m a bit in love with the shark and the dino)

  6. Love the bull…would be perfect for my little one as she is sometimes like a cute little bull in a china shop!

  7. my daughter would love the bunny or the cat oneto go with her first bike for christmas, these helmets are so cool, the designs are so funky and they are perfect for when kids have their first bikes

  8. Oh WOW!! Have never seen anything like this before – really great idea. My fave is the tiger I think.
    I agree – much better chance of kids wearing one of these than the standard cycle helmet!

  9. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L I will have to go with the pink bunny or teh red cat as my daughter loves those two colours…and those cute eyes!

  10. They are all fab! Tough choice between the cow and the tiger. I think my little boy would prefer the tiger though.

  11. …..I would love to win the horse for my little girl!! even though I really prefer the boy helmets, they are much cooler…. why girls have to be always in pink???

  12. I absolutely adore the Tiger helmet! My little girl is tiger mad so this would be perfect to keep her safe and encourage her to wear a safety helmet on her little trike!

  13. The cat helmet is amazing. My little one is getting her first balance bike for Christmas this year,so this would be a fab prize to win to keep her nice and safe. Amazing designs,really fun and unique.xxxxxxxx

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