Advent Calendar 5 December 2011

Rosendahl Copenhagen is known for innovative accessories for the home and the dining table, from unique, hand-blown glass designs and professional kitchen utensils.
Ceramics are back in vogue! As the name implies, Peter Svarrer has created MOMENT based on the idea of ”the moment”, and the magic that prevails when we sit with our family at the dinner table or by ourselves for a much needed coffee break.
Even though MOMENT is retro-inspired, the series’ colour range is completely up to date and in line with modern interior design trends. Black, sand, lime green, lavender blue and putty coloured glazing make the parts easy to mix with each other. The fine colour scale makes MOMENT something you will not want to hide away in kitchen cupboards: instead, you can stack the bowls, mugs and plates on the kitchen table and use the parts as decorative bursts of colour in a minimalist kitchen.

First of all a big thank you to all for entering our Advent Calendar and making this such a fun and festive event!
The two winners of 5th of December and one retro Moment mug in Sand by Rosendahl Copenhagen
is Russel and the PictFamily -Congratulations to you both!
Please email us your post address and the prize will be on it’s way to you.

6th of December will be opened today at 10am. Enter until midnight. The winner will be announced the next day at 9am.
See the full Terms & Conditions for this promotion.


  1. With 5 children, coffee breaks are certainly few and far between. With this beautiful mug they would be more special!!! Happy Christmas to all from up here in Argyll! x

  2. Sitting somewhere peaceful with a cup of coffe just lets your mind wander free – whether I’ve been busy at work, frantically shopping, busy baking or even when I go travelling and have spent the morning finding new things. They are those little pauses that let you put the day into context.

  3. A new baby, a 5 year old, a business to run and husband who wants a divorce! I NEED a mini break and a lovely new mug to call my very own!

  4. I need a mini-break because we’re in the middle of exams and it’s not only the students are stressed but we -teachers- too.

    Ps. Sarah Tulley, I am sorry to read what happened to you. 🙁

  5. I have had a lot of stress today so the week isn’t starting out great. money stolen and no job prospects 🙁 would like a relaxing cuppa in this cup xx

  6. I promise that when i drink teaout of it i’ll stop working and enjoy it…
    When i drink coffee out of it , it will be of the best quality and enjoyed more than ever…
    …and when i drink mulled wine out of it i promise the kids will be asleep, my husband cooking the dinner and my feet will be up in front of the roaring fire…

  7. my life has been one big stress of late, illness, loss of work and money worries have not made life too pleasant so a break would be perfect x

  8. I need a mini break because I haven’t had any kind of break since my 16month old was born, I knew being a parent would be hard but at the minute I constantly feel drained and definitely need a mini break to escape the world for a while.

  9. i need a mini break because i am failing miserably at getting into the christmas spirit and my kids are calling me mummy scroge….

  10. A mini break…with a nice hot cup of tea and Little Scandinavian… gives me lots of new energy to play with my energetic baby!

  11. I have the busiest time of the year both at work and at home and mini break would be much appreciated! (I’m so tired, I think I’d shed a tear of happiness if I win the cup! ;D)
    Liked the picture in FB.

  12. (not sure if my first attempt posted, please ignore the first if it has)

    Every now and then I need a tea break from being with and for my daughter 24/7 🙂


  13. This mug is just stunning!
    I love mini breaks, they keep me sane. This year has been really tough – my husband was unemployed for the first 6 months of it, and we have been coping with our son’s autism as well. So I do need and enjoy a nice cup of freshly ground coffee or properly brewed leaf tea, such simple pleasures are so important.

  14. Experiencing my usual, dreadful Christmas rush. I have time to make each of the things I planned – just probably not time to make all of them! I definitely need a break with coffee iin one of these beautiful, calm-inducing mugs!

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