VIPP is going soft…

When one thing leads to another… Vipp founder Holger Nielsen won a car in the lottery in 1932. He sold the car, bought a metal press and few years later, when his wife Marie needed a bin for her hairdressing salon, he went to his one-man workshop and crafted what today is known as the Vipp pedal bin. 

Vipp designed the classic steel pedal bin as early as in 1939 and the Danish brand has since become known for accessories for both kitchen and bathroom. However, in recent years the product line has been transformed into a whole new, softer home design concept.

Vipp is also know for launching the exclusive Vipp Shelter in 2004, a peaceful hideaway nestled deep in the Swedish forest. A 55 m2 black steel structure with all the necessities and nothing more, to showcase the brands new hotel line. Every piece of the shelter’s dark-toned interior is carefully selected to keep focus on the surrounding nature.

Vipp’s venture into architectural projects like the Vipp Hotel has prompted the desire to develop a line of furniture to inhabit these spaces. Through a tactile approach, a new, softer layer is added to our trademark material through 80 years, steel.

Kasper Egelund, CEO and 3rd generation owner, Vipp.

The softer layer added comes in the shape of two sofa designs, to add comfort and style to any space in your home;

Curvy shapes and a detailed, compact design exhibit the visual features of the Vipp Chimney sofa, offering a comfortable seating experience.

The Vipp Chimney sofa

The Vipp Loft sofa has a rectangular expression with its square corners and low back- and armrests. It combines a crisp upholstery palette with a steel frame in Vipp’s recognisable black powder-coating. Its modular nature and versatile range of upholstery options allow for a individualised design.

The Vipp Loft sofa as a compact design for a small space.
Vipp Loft sofa for a spacious living room.

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