Bloomon – fresh flowers delivered to your door

Bloomon flower home delivery represents a new trend; flowers straight from the grower and delivered to your door. You choose how often you’d like the delivery as well as the size of the flower bouquet. The delivery includes product details, tips and tutorial on how to arrange your bouquet.

The true beauty of Bloomon flowers is fresh, quality flowers, straight from the grower and delivered to your door. And there’s no hanging around waiting for delivery as you choose what time of the day it will come. And when it comes to quality of the flowers Bloomon say they pick them while they sleep and that the flowers will wake up in your home. We found this statement to be true.

On arrival the flowers did indeed look sleepy, and at first glance I was not that impressed. I kept the flowers in the bouquet which it arrived in overnight and already next day they seemed to have perked up. I then used the online tutorial on how to arrange the flower into a wild botanical white and pink bouquet. And although I think I still would need some more practice on this area, I was instantly taken by the arrangement, making a beautiful centrepiece in our kitchen. Our kitchen is the heart of our home, where we together start the day, work or just hang out. So having this piece of nature in the middle of the room is just such a pleasure.


This is how home delivery of fresh flower bouquets by Bloomon works

1. Choose size; small and just for you? Medium to give your room a glow?
Or large to light up the whole street?
We chose large. But I’m tempted to go for the medium sized next time, as the large is… large.

2. Choose how often; Weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly? It’s up to you!
Off on holiday? Press pause. You can update your preferences online. Anytime.
We really like this flexibility! I’m tempted to do weekly, but looking at how well the flowers keep I’m leaning towards fortnight, unless you want overlap.

3. Receive your flowers at home; Bloomon deliver daytime and evenings. Not home? No problem!
Let Bloomon know a secret place where they can leave your bouquet – or the name and address of a friendly neighbour.
With the option of choosing time of delivery the ‘not at home’ is not really an issue.

Tempted to try it for yourself? Visit the website to learn more about this new home deliver concept in the UK and sign up for your first delivery at

This bouquet is a wild botanical arrangement in hues of green teamed with peach pink and white. I think it is just lovely and I would never have bought an equally sophisticated bouquet in my flower shop. I can’t wait to see the next delivery from Bloomon. But first, looking forward to see how this bouquet will blossom in our home.


It’s the last weekend of Half Term. We want to make the most out of it and are heading for a romantic dinner for two to the danish restaurant Snaps & Rye in Notting Hill. It’s all about those special moments – memories to be. Wishing you all a very Happy Saturday! x

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