Blaafarveværket Modum, Norway -family day out

In 1773, the Royal Modum Blaafarveværk was established to extract cobalt from the mines at Modum. The cobalt was to be used to make the cobalt blue dye for the world’s porcelain and glass industries.

Today, Blaafarveværket is one of Norways most visited tourist attractions and the museum offers a mixture of art, culture and countryside which creates tranquillity and recreation. There’s always lots on as well, like three seperate art exhibitions every year exciting museum shops with unique handmade gift items, several charming cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Norwegian cuisin, a children’s pet farm, a children’s gallery, guided mining tours in a mining dating back to the 1800s and lots more. There’s also playgrounds and several of places to enjoy your picnic as well.
All together a unique and authentic experience, perfect for families, only 1 hour outside Oslo. .

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The Little Scandinavian family has a small farm only a few km from Blaafarveværket and we tend to go quite often during the summer. Visiting the pet farm is free, and so is entry to the grounds. It’s only entrance fee in the gallery and on the tours. The giant pancake filled with ice cream and lots of fresh blueberries is 4okr, which in Norway is quite a reasonable treat.

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