Advent Calendar 5th of December

Today’s promotion is a Christmas photo offer from Mi Bewick

– single portrait or the whole family together
– evening or weekend sessions available – what ever suits you and your family
– other print packages available upon request
– high quality handmade frames available at low costs

Mi grew up in the Scandinavian countryside, lived in large cities like Stockholm, New York and London, before finally setting roots in the beautiful, quaint, yet trendy city by the sea, Brighton&Hove.

Mi’s Hove based studio is small and friendly and full of toys to keep kids entertained. Mi is also delightful to be around and with her personality she creates the perfect, fun and relaxed atmosphere for a photo shoot.

With her eyes for delicate details and a heart filled with inspiration from Scandinavian heritage, we couldn’t help falling in love in the moments Mi captured so well. See the result of our photo shoot here.

We recommend booking a photo shoot now to secure the family picture of Christmas 2010, or just in time for some memorable shots of your little ones that makes excellent presents to all grandparents.

To enter: Contact Mi Bewick directly and use Little Scandinavian as reference.
For more information and booking please contact Mi Bewick by phone on 07968 715 469 or by e-mail on
Photo: Mi Bewick

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 5th of December

  1. And it’s hard work for me to photograph the girls, where as Mi just made the whole thing into something fun and enjoyable.
    I think it’s a nice excuse to visit Brighton too!

  2. This would be wicked, really want some proffessional photos of my 2 boys and a brilliant excuse to visit my family who all live in and around brighton, so my hubby would have to take me there!! 🙂

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