Vixen Blog Awards 2010

Norwegian fashion magazine Vixen has launched Vixen Blog Awards 2010, and being Norwegian it would have been fun to participate in this blog award.

Vixen search for the best blogs that are inspiring, creative and innovative. Little Scandinavian aim to offer insight and to share information about children’s fashion and design, and as most bloggers tend to focus on adult fashion it would have been fun to get noticed for what we do!

Social media is an increasingly important tool for communication, collaboration and sharing experiences among the fashion community, and it’s good to know which blogs you turn to. The Vixen Blog Awards 2010 will reward and recognize the best comment and insight that the fashion industry has to offer.

So if you think Little Scandinavian is worthy the title the best (Norwegian) international blog 2010 please nominate us here before the 1st of October:

And you are very welcome to give your vote comment in English! The winners will be announced in February 2011.

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