And the winner is…

Dundelina dress design competition -winnerThe Norwegian label Dundelina had a Christmas competition earlier this month, where young designers could print out a Dundelina dress, then draw a design.
We tried at out at home, with both Beatrice and Amélie participating. But no one wanted to separate from their precious design, so in other words, there was no contribution from us.
But I’m sure they received lots of great designs, and that it was really hard to choose the winners.
Dundelina has announced three winners so far, and the picture to the left shows on of the winners, which I thought was great!

Last week we ran to the postbox (as every morning during the last month) and started looking through the cards we had got that day. Suddenly we saw one with many many tiny figures on it. Little by little we discovered what seemed to be a long necked dinosaur, a scary bunny with very pointy teeth, a one eyed alien, and a bunch other indescribable creatures. Dundelina and I looked to each other and S M I L E D.
Who could this fantastic dress be from? We wondered.
When we turned the card we read: Isak

See more winners and read more on Dundelina’s blog.

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