Me, a bitter lemon on a Monday? Going Danish …. Smile!

by Scandinavian mum

Going Danish is Mariann Doherty, a freelance illustrator who lives and works in Denmark. Her whimsical illustrations are the perfect way to add a little humour to your home. I quite like the “Bitter Lemon” It’s sort of me, on a Monday, before I’ve had the first (of many) cup of coffee. Then after my coffee(s) there’s an transformation, into the content and happy looking lemon. Did you know this random fact, that most people do not smile on Monday until 11.16 am.*?

This is a print that would probably, if placed on my kitchen wall, brighten up the Monday a tad faster. As you can’t help smiling when looking at the quirky, naive and imaginative illustrations by this talented Danish illustrator.
© Going Danish

The illustrations are in A3 size, and printed on 250g textured fine art paper that enables brilliant colors and a lively expression. See more illustrations and art posters at

Do you have art on your wall that makes you crack a smile?

*A study, by Marmite in England, showed the Southeast was the happiest region, with people cracking the first smile at 11.06 a.m. The East Midlands are the glummest, taking until 11.33 a.m. to look on the bright side.

15% off on Mid Century Modern Scandinavian art prints

by Scandinavian mum

Pssst… poster art prints inspired by Scandinavia, mid century modern design, Cathrineholm, Stig Lindberg etc.
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The artist Jan Skácelík has been mentioned on Little Scandinavian before, as the blogger behind one of the Blogs we Love. Following the style conscious well curated design blog is highly recommended; the Design Attractor. You can also stay updated on his latest products by following ReStyleShop on Facebook. Here are a few of our favourite prints by Jan Skácelík.

And our very favourite of course; The Cathrineholm coffee pot in Lotus style. Picture to the left shows are darling coffee pot.